In general, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has come a long way in the world of technology. But, like all other technology software currently on the market, there is always room for improvement. Because of this, enterprise resource planning (ERP) also could gain a lot more by adopting new trends. With many companies and corporations becoming IT dependent today, a huge amount of data has become underutilized. If a company combines analytical tools to their enterprise resource planning, the organization can make predictions that are accurate based on their data. When using the data their business strategy will also become more intelligent.

By using a concept known as the Internet of Things provides the capability to use a network to transfer data with no human assistance. Pairing this with enterprise resource planning allows devices to be utilized with different tools including vehicles. It does this by feeding data to the applications that the cloud is holding. This allows easy access to vital information such as performance, usage, and location. Having this information also allows companies to track assets that are unused or when they require maintenance.

Lastly, a great trend that could easily change the future of enterprise resource planning involves context. By integrating a context aware function on PCs and apps, you can easily anticipate the needs of the user thus efficiently improving daily tasks. A great example of this is once a technician arrives at your location, they will automatically receive the data, history of their customer, and instructions for the job.

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